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CASA Certified & QBE Insurance Approved Drone (RePL) Training

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UAS Pacific symbolises quality Unmanned Autonomous Systems.  UAV Systems typically include an unmanned aircraft (fixed wing or rotary) and a Ground Control Station, with a CASA certified ‘pilot’ who controls the entire operation from the ground.

Unmanned aerial vehicles can be utilised for a multitude of applications, and in many cases provide a significantly lower cost alternative to manned aircraft.

Our unmanned aerial vehicles and payload gimbals are professionally designed and built by a specialist team of engineers right here in our Brisbane manufacturing facility.

Our strong and durable UAV aircraft are preferred by operators in Australia and around the world because of their sustainable performance and value for money. We also supply both CASA Certified Remote Pilot Licence Training and Type Training.

All of our Airframes are scrupulously assessed and tested by our CASA certified team to ensure they will do your job right. Our extensively tested harmless technology is a part of our DNA.



UAV Full Field Support

If your company or department is looking for an alternative solution to light aircraft work, consider our full turnkey solutions, including:  staff training, supply of airframe, maintenance, provision of certified ground controller pilots, and CASA approvals.


Document and Certification Services

If you are considering applying to CASA for your own Operator’s Certificate, we can help to smooth the path.  Our team can assist you with the application process, including the writing of Manuals and other documentation required by CASA.

Rely on the experts in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Systems industry, who can help you over the hurdles to become UAV Operator Certified.


Are they Really CASA Certified?

Other suppliers may not be fully certified UAS operators with CASA, and some use un-trialled imported UAVs, leading to crashes and lack of safety. We stand by our manufacture quality, with all systems fully tested both in our laboratory facility and out in the field. Offering full field support and mobile maintenance also ensures that both equipment and safety are maintained.

Check out CASA UAS Operator Certificate holders here:

List of UAS Operator Certificate Holders

Benefits of UAVs (also called Drones)

Lower Cost

You will find unmanned aerial vehicles can be four-to-six times lower cost to hire than helicopters or other aircraft.


UAVs are much safer for inspection work than using cherry pickers, where utility workers are in harm’s way. They also do not put a pilot’s life at risk as with manned aircraft.


Aerial photographs taken by unmanned drones are clearer and far more detailed than satellite photograph.

Using the latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology, our CASA certified operators will work as part of your team to achieve the results you need. Please enquire by calling 07 3855 3590, to see how we can help you.

Industry Applications of UAV:
  • Aerial photography, such as for real estate / large buildings / boating / sport
  • Production video
  • Power line inspection and monitoring
  • Geomapping / geosurvey
  • Emergency services (fire services, border control, water and police)