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Maintenance Services

Small UAV Maintenance and Repair (MRO)
Maintenance of the whole Unmanned System can be more complex than for a conventional aircraft as it includes for example the ground control station, comprising computer equipment and software applications as well as communications gear. The team at UAS Pacific is experienced in small UAV maintenance and repair which can be done for you in our own fully equipped facility.  We have developed a “UAS systems engineer” job category using internal training, aviation industry approved skills, communications and computer skills.  We are in discussions with CASA about certifying a program such as ours to start to create the equivalent of an aircraft engineer for UAS.

Mobile Maintenance
Aimed at full small UAS field support, field service representatives are also available.  Tasks such as removal and replacement of major components like wings, engines, flight control computer equipment and ground control station can be performed at your location, along with some level of troubleshooting.