Fixed Wing UAV Unmanned Aerial
Vehicle UAS Pacific

Fixed Wing UAV – Avatar CB1M

Designed and manufactured by UAS Pacific in Brisbane, Australia, the Avatar CB1m is a small, robust, easily transported UAV.


Further CB1m specifications and capabilities:
  • Fully autonomous aircraft, including takeoff and landing, waypoint navigation, payload dependant.  Can carry live video or digital still photography.
  • Aircraft lands on belly. It features a vinyl “skin” covering that is easily replaced/repaired as required.
  • Low cost of operation; full electric propulsion, no internal combustion (important for mine sites), pan/tilt gimbal capabilities, able to sustain flight in many various conditions from calm to very turbulent.
  • Class is ‘small UAV’, wingspan just over 1m. It can be easily disassembled for transport in a purpose-designed backpack.
  • Aircraft is designed and manufactured utilising UAS Pacific’s harmless technology, including the use of expanded plastics (EPP and EPS) materials and no hard leading edges. The result is an airframe that is extremely durable and capable of sustaining a great deal of impact stress before breakage.