Basic RPAS Training


 Looking to advance your career as a Drone Pilot?

Your journey starts here at UAS Pacific’s CASA Certified & only one of two QBE Insurance approved Remote Pilot Training Schools. Drone partner with OzRunways The #1 Australian Electronic Flight Bag.
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We provide high quality, best practice training for the RPA pilots of tomorrow and everything is included

No RC experience?  No problem!  Book into our 4 day Basic Remote Pilot Licence

1/2 day Aircraft Radio Operators Certificate (AROC)**, including the English Language Proficiency (ELP) Prerequisite$319 excluding gst
2 Day Type Training endorsement for licensed flyers: $1,418 excluding gst
3 Day Basic RePL Training for experienced flyers: $1,890 excluding gst
4 Day Basic RePL Training for those with little or no multi rotor flying experience: $2,368 excluding gst
Saturday afternoon Drone Workshop : $ 339 excluding gst  Enquire now for more information!
eLearning RePL course for students to complete the controllers certificate theory components online. Work through at your own pace, exit and re-enter partially completed modules at any time  and exam test questions for each module. Includes 2 Days instructor led practical flight training: $2,090 excluding gst.    Apr 11-12, May 10-11, Jun 6-7, Jul 4-5, Aug 8-9, Sep 5-6
Upcoming course dates:
1/2 day Aircraft Radio Operators Certificate (AROC)** & Prerequisite English Language Proficiency (ELP):Apr 8, May 9, Jun 5, Jul 3, Aug 7, Sep 4
4 day Multi-rotor 0-7kg Basic RePL course (NO experience required):Apr 9-12, May 8-11, Jun 4-7, Jul 2-5, Aug 6-9, Sep 3-6
3 day Multi-rotor 0-7kg Basic RePL course (prior experience required):Apr 10-12, May 9-11, Jun 5-7, Jul 2-5, Aug 6-9, Sep 3-6
2 day Multi-rotor 0-7kg or 7-25kg Type Training endorsement for licensed flyers: Apr 11-12, May 10-11, Jun 6-7, Jul 2-5, Aug 6-9, Sep 3-6
1/2 day Drone Workshop  (NO experience required):Apr 14, May 12, Jun 2, Jul 2-5, Aug 6-9, Sep 3-6

UAS Pacific’s instructors are all highly skilled UAV pilots with vast experience in commercial operations.  Many of our team also have significant commercial manned aviation experience, providing further rigour to our training courses.

Successfully complete your RePL  with UAS Pacific and CASA will issue you with your UAV Certificate, which is the unmanned version of a pilot’s licence.

It’s all Included. Training Aircraft and associated equipment, flight simulators, Training Manual with on line support, notepad and pen, lunch and refreshments, soft drink, tea and coffee is provided.  Also includes the CASA processing and administration costs.

RePL bookings recommended 1 week prior to course commencement as there is self study required.

**All UAS / Drone pilots, who will wish to fly in controlled airspace and/or beyond Visual Line of Sight require their Aircraft Radio Operators Certificate (AROC), including a pass in the English Language Proficiency (ELP) examinations.  This also includes ground operations personnel like spotters who are using an Aircraft Radio.

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