Photography & Video

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Aerial Photography and Video

For ‘wow’ photos, serious aerial photographers should consider using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or Drone.

Why?  The angles achievable by a remotely controlled aircraft give amazing panoramas.  Capable of flying at height or even inside of buildings, a UAV can shoot unique aspects from both the inside and outside of buildings, boats and properties.



Competitively-priced aerial photography

Producing quality photos and video viable for use in colour brochures, shop-front displays and web content, the total package price of one of our UAV systems is competitive with location-based high angle photographers.

Other applications could include specialised photos above tall buildings, of rooftop gardens, or an entire marina.


Why not utilise our safe, tested technology?

Unlike cheaply imported UAVs (such as low cost Quadcopters), our aircraft have a much lower risk of damage to both property and your business’s reputation.

UAS Pacific can supply photography businesses with a maintained aircraft and qualified UAV controller (pilot), on an ad hoc or ongoing basis.