CASA-Certified UAV
Controller Type Training

CASA Certified Multi-Rotor UAV type training

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Only UAS Pacific will equip you with the right skills to work in Australia’s burgeoning UAV industry.

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UAV Controller Type Training

If you already have a pass in PPL or CPL theory and your FROL or AROCP, you only require type training and 5 hours experience to apply for your UAV Controllers Certificate.


Below are the CASA requirements to apply for a UAV Controller Certificate:
  • Flight Radio Operators Licence (FROL) or Aircraft Radio Operator Certificate of Proficiency (AROCP)
  • CASA Aviation Reference Number (ARN)
  • Private Pilots Licence (PPL) theory only
  • UAV Type Training
  • Minimum 5 hours’ operating experience on type


It sounds daunting, but UAS Pacific can help you tick all the boxes with our CASA approved UAV type training program, conducted over one or two weeks in the north-western suburbs of Brisbane.  UAS Pacific is one of only a handful of organisations authorised by CASA to provide Type Training on UAVs up to 25kg in Australia.


For someone wanting to … make the first step into the rapidly developing world of UAV controlling and operation, and feel that not only have they completed a course, but feel that they have been indoctrinated with the high standards required to operate a UAV safely, I am sure that they can feel confident that this will be the outcome of a course with UAS Pacific.   Brian Porter (Multi-rotor training graduate )


What’s Involved in Becoming UAV Certified?

Our Multi Rotor Type Training in the 0-7 kg class runs for 3-4 days (depending on your prior knowledge and skills).  Advanced students who are already qualified for the 0-7 kg multi rotor category can apply to enrol in our course for the 7-25 kg class.

Conducted over a two-week period, UAS Pacific’s Autonomous Fixed Wing Type Training provides the trainee with thorough theoretical and practical instruction in both manual and autonomous flight control, covering the entire Unmanned Aerial System.


  • A CASA required certificate of competency will be issued upon successful completion of the course.
  • Provision of five hours operating experience – for inclusion in the trainee’s logbook.


Once you have obtained these competencies, you will then have all you need to apply for your UAV Controller Certificate from CASA.

Type training is available for fixed wing 0-7kg and multi-rotor systems up to 25kg MTOW. Courses are run regularly throughout the year, and book out very quickly.

Discounts are available if you pre-book and pay your deposit at least 2 weeks prior to course commencement.


Contact us by email or at (07) 3855 3590 to secure your place or for more information.


If you are looking for a multi rotor aircraft to use as a trainer, we suggest a visit to the Multiwiicopter website.